New State Solutions

New State Solutions is here to help you with all your Soft Tech V6 implementation tasks, from adding and maintaining new product series, through to macros, reports, integration, and more.

Ask us how we can help move you to your new state today!

Why New State Solutions?

We have almost thirty years experience in the glazing industry helping customers just like you!

We have many years of training experience in the most technical aspects of Soft Tech's V6 program, and can help provide that extra push to get you implemented, or to help get that next part of your product setup completed.

Key Services

No matter what you want to achieve, we have the skills and experience to get you there.

New Product Series Setup

Adding a new product series to V6?  We have 20+ years of experience implementing database solutions from scratch.

Product Data Maintenance

Have regular product updates?  Adding a new hinge?  We can help you keep everything up to date and accurate.

Report Creation

The V6 database has so much content, let us help you extract and use it to its maximum effect!  From cutting lists to attractive proposals, we're here to help.

ERP and Accounting Integration

Ready to start driving your accounting system from V6?  Want to keep V6 updated from your ERP system?  We have years of experience in making V6 talk to other systems.

Macros and Scripts

Ready to get more out of your software?  We can help you automate tasks, put in checks to prevent quoting errors, and much more.

Custom Solutions

No custom job is too big or too small.  Need a custom data entry screen?  An export to Excel?  A management dashboard?  Just ask and we'll be happy to design a great solution.

Comprehensive Product Experience

When we work with you, we bring three decades of experience working with fenestration products from vinyl windows to commercial aluminum windows to unitized curtainwall.  If you're in the glazing space, you don't have a product we haven't implemented.

We'll help you through the process from the early stages of reviewing client drawings and technical design documents through to the final steps of producing pricing and comprehensive production data out of V6.
I was eagerly waiting for the final release of Helix Ultimate since the day I heard it is packed up with so many features that I need. I started using Helix Ultimate on the very first day of its release. It is wonderful and exactly the way I expected. I love the new admin interface. Using Bootstrap 4 is the most striking thing Helix Ultimate has for me. Thanks JoomShaper.